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Hospital information

Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital was designed and built to provide the very latest acute hospital facilities. Opened in 1999, our hospital provides the high quality healthcare for the residents of Guildford and the surrounding areas of Surrey and Hampshire. We work with leading consultants to offer a range of services and treatments for preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide array of medical conditions.

Our highly trained staff provide care on an individual basis, with the overall aim of creating an environment to encourage speedy recovery and well-being. In 2011 the hospital had an £8 million refurbishment and expansion to accommodate all the outpatient, private GP and day surgery services that moved across from the Guildford Clinic which closed in July 2011.

All of our individual contemporary patient rooms are en-suite with satellite flat screen television and WiFi internet access to make your stay with us not just comfortable but exceptional. We offer individual catering from our a la carte menu and we have a comfortable visitor and patient lounge and two weekly visits to the hospital from our relaxation spa therapists, offering relaxing treatments and therapies including massage, manicures and pedicures.

Guildford Upper Limb Consultants

Anthony Hearnden MBBS, BSc FRCS (Tr&Orth)                                                 

Clinic times:          Thurs eve                                              0800 999 6789


Mark Flannery MBBS, FRCS    

Clinic times:                                                                          01483 207255


Mr Peter Magnussen MBBS, MScOrth, FRCS.     

Clinic times:                                                                            01483 207260    


Coming in for treatment

Before you are admitted to the Clinic, the pre-assessment team will contact you to arrange an appointment to take you through a health screening questionnaire and carry out any routine health screening tests required.   There may be certain preparations you need to make before your treatment, and you will receive instructions about these during your pre-assessment interview. You will be advised of what to bring with you and of any preparation you need to make such as avoiding food and drink before a general anaesthetic. 

In general it is advised that you wear loose casual clothing and do not wear any make-up, nail varnish or jewellery. After your treatment you will be given healthcare advice once you leave hospital. If you have a general anaesthetic, make sure you arrange for someone to collect you as you will not be fit to drive yourself.   Details of further appointments if necessary will also be given to you before leaving hospital.

Coming into the Clinic for your treatment 

Please report to main reception on admission. You will be asked to sign an Agreement to Terms and Conditions form. One of our receptionists will check your details with you and check you in to the Clinic before you are taken to your room.

Personal Items/Toiletries to bring

The Clinic will provide you with most of the items you will need for your stay with us (fresh linen, food and drink, towels etc). You may like to bring personal toiletries such as wash kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary wear, slippers etc.


If you are taking medication either prescribed by your doctor or regularly purchased from your pharmacy, please bring this with you in their original packs at the time of your admission. They will be safely stored in your room's medication locker. You will need sufficient quantities to cover your stay and for after you leave the Clinic. You may require commonly used painkillers (e.g. paracetamol & ibuprofen) after your operation, so please make sure you have adequate supplies of them at home. 

Please ensure you follow any instructions given to you by your Consultant. If you are unsure, or wish to clarify anything, please  contact the Clinic on the working day prior to your admission. One of our nurses will be able to advise you of the estimated time of your operation and any instructions you need to follow.


On the day of treatment

On the day of your treatment you will be asked to consent to any procedure which you may undergo, some of which must be given in writing.  Your consultant may discuss this with you at your initial consultation, but, in any event, written consent must be given prior to going into theatre.

We value your personal needs and views and ask that you make us aware of any religious or spiritual requirements.  If you have personal views about future medical care or intervention, please feel free to speak to our staff.

As part of the hospital's health promotion programme, smoking is not permitted.

Mobile phones and similar devices are also not permitted, as they may interfere with the functioning of medical devices.

Remember, if you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation, you will not be fit to drive so please arrange to be collected. Your escort will be given a time to ring for information on when to pick you up.

If you require a follow-up appointment, your consultant will either arrange a time and date during your stay, or send you details in the post.