Scientific Publications



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Reproducibility of radiographic classification of scapholunate advanced collapse (SLAC) and scaphoid nonunion advanced collapse(SNAC) wrist.

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In-vivo confirmation of the use of the dart thrower's motionduring activities of daily living.

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Night pain is not a useful diagnostic indicator of cuff tear in patients with symptoms of subacromial impingement.

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Clinic-based nerve conduction studies reduce time to surgery and are cost effective: a comparison with formal electrophysiological testing.

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Acute gluteal compartment syndrome with sciatic nerve palsy and rhabdomyolysis

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The Management of the Failed Total Wrist Replacement

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Survivorship of the Neuflex silicone implant in MCPJ replacement

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An alternative method of achieving Task Force guidelines on junior doctors' hours.

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Open management of the arthritic elbow and interposition arthroplasty. Chapter 40: Operative Elbow Surgery with DVD.  Edited by David Stanley & Ian Trail.