Anthony Hearnden Invited Lectures


Feb 12         Shoulder instability, anatomy and types.              Val D'isere, France

                     Doctors Updates.


May 11         PIPJ  finger joint replacement,                            Oslo, Norway

                     Federation European Hand surgery


Feb 11         Distal radio-ulna Joint replacement,                     Augsberg, Germany

                     Advances in treatment OA.


Nov 10         Current concepts radial head replacement           Seoul, Korea.

                     International federation hand surgery.


Oct 10          Pyrocarbon PIP implants                                      Boston, USA

                     American Society for Surgery of the hand.


Mar 09           Proximal interphalyngeal joint,                          Dublin, Ireland

                       replacement; cadaveric work shop


Oct 08            Ulna head replacement.                                      Berlin, Germany.

                       Extremity arthroplasty symposium. 


Jun 08            The Radial head replacement.                             Lucerne Switzerland.

                       European society surgery of the Hand


Oct 07          Metacarpophalyngeal arthroplasty                       Luxembourg.

                     Surgical workshops.


Apr 13             Coranoid elbow fractures                            Wrightington, uk

                        Upperlimb trauma course

Nov 12             Direct ACJ Excision shoulder                      Wrightington, uk

                         Tips and Tricks shoulder surgery

Oct 12             TFCC wrist injuries                                      Westminster, London

                         World Sports Trauma Congress

May 12           Diagnosis of lateral elbow pain                   Surrey Sports Park

                        Surrey Sports Injury Conference


May 12           Approaches and surgical technique           Royal College Surgeons

                        Phalangeal joints


March 12       Elbow Arthroscopy                                      St Marys Hospital

                      North West Thames Teaching


March 12       MCPJ fracture fixation                                Wrightington, UK

                       Hand Trauma Symposium


Jan 12          Update on diagnosis and management       Charterhouse school



June 11        Ascension workshop                                     Minimal access training unit



May 11         Scapholunate arthroscopic stabilisation      Royal College Surgeons

                     Hand and Wrist Surgery Course


Mar 11            Shoulder instability, types and causes.      Surrey Sports Centre

                       Surrey Sports injury Conference


Mar 11         Hand examination for FRCS                           RSCH



Nov 11            Elbow open debridement                             Wrightington, UK



July 10           MPTT Upper limb updates.                           RSCH



Dec 09            Acromio-clavicular joint reconstruction.     Wrightington UK

                       shoulder symposium,.


Oct 09            Proximal interphalyngeal joint                   Wrightington UK.

                       replacement Cadaveric workshop,


Dec 08            4 corner fusion / proximal row carpectomy; Wrightington, UK

                       Tips and Tricks of wrist surgery.  .


Nov 07         Surgical approaches to the elbow.               Wrightington, UK.

                   The Elbow symposium.


Apr 07          Tennis Elbow and other tendon disorders      Epsom UK.

                      South west London training program. 








Surrey sports injury conference;                                  Surrey sports Park.



Shoulder arthroscopy techniques for registrars               Minimal Access TrainingUnit



Surgical workshop in hand arthroplasty                         Guildford



Hand revision course for FRCS Exam                             Minimal Access TrainingUnit